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Jeremy Killian was born in Cape Town and has lived in the shadow of Table Mountain all his life. Growing in upper University Estate with Devils Peak Mountain as his back door, Jeremy and his two brothers made the mountain their play ground. Years of boyish treks up Devils Peak and with a father who loved plants, Jeremy soon found appreciation of the Capes floral wonders. With Natures Blueprint he has been featured in the Cape Times and the Argus along with other community papers. Jeremy has been involved with many prominent projects, most notably, Lanzerac Manor Hotel, on behalf of the Wiese family.
“Gardens, by definition, never reach their peak, constantly flittering with completion, they need constant care to keep them on the ceiling of perfection”

Natures Blueprint Horticultural Services is a value added service company, offering imaginative Design Solutions, cost and time accurate Landscape Construction and on going Pro Active Maintenance. Offering a full Horticultural Service menu, our service has been designed to take clients from inception to integration and well beyond to continued Style & Seasonal Maintenance. A self styled Exterior Design and Construction company, we design, build and maintain all aspects that make up a beautiful garden or landscaped space and individualise these to suit our clients brief. With years of experience and a hands on approach, we care for the small things that make our service unique, like cost effective, punctual and quality service. 



He is always quoted as saying “what I remember the most is the smell of fynbos, the rich oils are un mistakable and the hum of the abundant life making the mountain their home”. Its funny how he also come to love the smell of the bush fire, which is so important to fynbos rejuvenation, as having a father who was a Cape Town fire fighter for 30 years, used to savour the smell on his fathers overalls after returning home safe from Cape Towns many bush fires on the slopes of the mountain ranges. “Growing up in Cape town, we never really appreciated the beauty we have, its only after I was introduced to the many plants our unique mountain offers the world, did I re appreciate all my boyish treks up the mountain”

Jeremy has been gardening since 1994, initially working alongside Fritz Rabe of Murray Rabe Associates, learning from a master of design and lateral thinking. “Years spent with Fritz where the seeds of my imagination were sown, gave me the love of individual, intuitive solutions I so crave, making each garden I encounter a test of my creative abilities”

Jeremy has been featured in the Cape Times, Cape Argus and various Community Newspapers for his book, Natures Blueprint. Its is a self help gardening almanac for novice, want to be gardeners and was the result of years of notes, penned in the trenches of gardening. “I noticed there wasn’t a guide for new gardeners that didn’t get the ‘hand me down’ knowledge most avid gardeners got from their parents or grand parents”. 

Jeremy has won awards for his creative design, most notable a silver guild at the 2006 SAA CAPE TOWN FLOWER SHOW, has Landscaped award winning Properties such as LANZERAC MANOR HOTEL in Stellenbosch and maintains properties for some of Cape Towns prominent property agencies & personalities. “Residential landscaping still gives me the most buzz, its intimate work that gives my clients the most joy. Seeing the difference, in the garden and on my clients face when a successful project is concluded, stokes my professional fire and appeases my thirst for client satisfaction at the same time, Yin & Yang” 

Jeremy started his company Natures Blueprint in 2002, after successfully opening two companies, Greens Landscaping cc for Robert Goskar in JHB & Ground Force Gardening cc for Egon Klein on a contract in Cape Town. “Opening three companies in 4 years gave me the test bed I needed to get my formula right, learning how not to do things only comes when you actually do things, so I was lucky to get two shots at it before I honed my particular style of application”.

Since then, Jeremy has lead his team from the front, building a company that can be relied upon to deliver, beyond the norm. Taking each and every project as his own garden, Jeremy and his team have built many gardens and delivered on the dreams of his clients. 


“My mentor always said 'all knowledge needs time to mature'. As with red wine, only once the whole process is complete do we gain the full potential. The last decade and a half has been a myriad of Western Cape gardens and a sea of inquiring gardeners. I now boast a comprehensive mental road map of Cape Town and surrounds. I take this opportunity to thank all my loyal clients who have supported me and my book. Thank you for all the great chats.” -Jeremy 

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