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Our professional services are supervised by qualified Horticulturists and we have trained crews who are uniformed and easy to work & communicate with. Our clientís security and pets are our responsibility whilst we are working and we always announce our arrival and departure. Our teams are briefed on clientís particular requirements and we work quietly and efficiently never blocking or hindering client movement. Regular training keeps our teams working to our own high standards and improves the skills of our workers. Our employees are well paid and are treated with respect and given all entitled statuary benefits.

Teams consist of

  • Qualified Horticultural site mangers
  • Trained site foremenís
  • Machine operators
  • Senior Gardeners
  • Gardeners

With 17 years experience and a practical knowledge of the Cape Town environment, we understand what will work in any situation. We tackle problems with a fresh and innovative approach, always listening to our clients needs, blending the house with the property to create a unique and special space for our clients to enjoy their garden.

We make use of quality materials, our detailed quotations are competitively priced and our workmanship is of the highest quality. We take pride in our work and have recently completed contactable references. 

Our advice is free and we are willing to assist both commercial and residential clients, working on small and larger projects with the same quality service and enthusiasm.


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